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Featured Journeys


Sacred Journey to FRANCE!
The Path of the Sacred Heart
Magdalene, Yeshua & the Cathars

April 4 - 13, 2025

Early Bird Special SAVE $500!
(Register before June 30th)

Just One more spot!


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Sacred Journey to Magical Scotland!


September 23 - October 3, 2024

I have two spots that just opened!

Sacred Mountain Tours offers small group experiences for the mystical seeker searching for answers, longing to connect to the sacredness of life, ready to travel, transform,
and open to the magic of our beautiful earth.


Mystical France

Pilgrimage to France Registration Open!
April 4-13, 2025


Ancient Egypt
February, 2026

Due to current situations in the Middle East, our Ancient Egypt Tour has been rescheduled for 2026!

Our Sacred Mountain tour destinations are carefully selected, guiding participants to the "thin" places of the world where magic is experienced and mysteries are explored.


Transform     Awaken     Deepen    Explore    




Trista's thoughtful guidance and care in the overall experience of the journey helped me to let go and allow the information that I needed to settle in deeply. I have a deep reverence for her experience and would join her again on another sacred journey without hesitation.” 

—  Anne Marple

What Makes Our Journeys Unique

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The Journey

We travel to places that are off the beaten path.  While we do visit some of the more popular sites along the way, we strive to discover the hidden gems.  As a result, many of our journeys involve hiking to a mountain top castle or hillside cave, or into a magical grove.

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The Initiation

The remote places and hidden gems we visit are the initiation sites of our ancient ancestors.  Because they aren't the popular tourist destination, they still contain power and magic.  It's at these places where we mingle with the shadows of the past, seeking healing, understanding and transformation.

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The History

Hearing the myths, legends and lore of a place helps you to truly sink into the magic of the land.  With much research and understanding of sacred texts, Trista peels back the layers of myths, guiding her travelers back through time, unearthing deeper truths.

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Safe Traveling

Our first priority is the health and safety of our travelers.  We make sure to follow every safety measure we can to ensure a safe trip. As travel resumes, we have implemented new safety protocols as well as respecting the policies of the countries we visit.  We also provide you a link to our recommended travel insurance during our checkout process to support you with any last minute travel cancellations.



Your Guide, Trista Haggerty

I met a German Mystic, Helena Shik, by happenstance, years ago when I was a young mother with two small children.  My life was crumbling before my eyes, just as a new path emerged - a path that I would never had imagined.  While maintaining a home for my children, I began studying ancient sacred texts and traveling with Helena to sacred sites over the course of 28 years.  I went through one initiation after another, a rigorous path for a modern-day mystic.  It has been a passion of mine to dig deeper into the myth and mysteries to uncover our human potential and the truth of our existence.         More about me....


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