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A Return to Avalon

June 1-11, 2024

Welcome to England!

Step into the mists of Avalon and journey back in time to one of the more well-known myths of our time.  Walk among the pilgrims, saints, and druids that have paved the paths for us to continue this magical journey.  To explore Cornwall, England's land of saints and Druid country, is to become the mystic journeying between worlds where the ancestors, faeries, and nature spirits live.


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June 1-11, 2024


This trip is full!

Arrive in London. Depart from London

Stonehenge, sunset.png

Commune with
the Ancestors

Your journey will begin with a sunrise visit to Stonehenge.  Here, we'll have a very special tour where we'll be allowed into the center, and commune with the stones up close.

The stones in stone circles are like acupuncture needles, connecting the land to the stars.  What will your ancestors from the stars have to say to you?


Follow the Paths
of the Celts

Cornwall is one of the Celtic Six Nations, and the birth place of the mythic King Arthur. It's an area that continues to distinguish itself apart from the rest of England by both its rural life and Cornish language.

You'll walk to the furthest southwest point known as Land's End and walk among the ancient ones, the sacred land of the Druids.

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What You'll Receive

10-Day Mystical Journey

An immersion in nature, sacred landscape and sites that have held spiritual significance through out time.

Guided Self-Inquiry

Daily questions prompting you to explore and deepen your understanding of your most authentic self.

Course Curriculum

You'll receive a booklet upon arrival that teaches about the Arthurian Legends, the Celtic traditions, Mary Magdalene & the Cornish people.

Grail Teachings

Cornwall is rich in both history and myth.  As we visit sites along the way, I'll share the teachings of the grail as it pertains to the legends of King Arthur, weaving its meaning into our present day.

Live Calls

I'll offer a pre-journey, live call and meditation to prepare you for the initiatory aspect of this journey, as well as an integration call

upon your return.

Private Facebook Group

You'll be invited into our private Facebook group where I'll periodically share news, messages and gorgeous photos.

Saint Michael's Mount_Clear_Tintagel.png

Walking the Sacred Ley Line of Saint Michael

Walk the Michael line that runs through Saint Michael's Mount on the western shores of Cornwall.  Can you feel the power of Michael's mighty sword beneath your feet?

We'll stroll across the sea at low tide on the medieval causeway that takes us to the mount.

Using dowsing rods, we'll search for sacred spots in the region where the Michael line and the Mary line cross, a place where the masculine energy of the sun comes into sacred union with the womb of the earth.

Explore Both History and Legend of Camelot in Tintagel

What part of the Arthurian Legends speaks to your soul? Is it the love affair between Lancelot and Guinevere? Or the shamanic work of Morgaine?  Or the symbol of the Sacred Masculine, as protector of the Divine Feminine?

Walking this ancient land will surely stir awake your own personal myth as you wander through the ruins and step into the darkness of Merlin's Cave.

Tintagel Castle.png

Mystical Glastonbury

Glastonbury_Tor_Trista Haggerty.png

Glastonbury, also known as mystical Avalon, considered the heart of the world and the land of apples. Also dubbed as England's quirkiest village.

Steeped in myth and legend, and the Magdalene consciousness, Glastonbury has been a destination place for pilgrims and saints throughout time.

We'll spend 4 nights in the heart of Avalon, immersed in the magical energy of The Tor and the healing waters of The Chalice Well.

Cultural Delights


Gifts from England

With rolling hills and grazing sheep, England continues to be a leader in wool sweaters, blankets and clothing.  It's also the home of Cornishware, pottery made in Cornwall.

Cornwall Mead

Cornwall is known for their home brewed drinks of beer and wine.  However, their oldest brew is mead.  Made from fruit, honey and yeast, the making of mead predates all other drinks.

British Tea

The English are tea drinkers.  Perhaps it stems from their passion for English gardens overflowing with fresh herbs that began their tradition of afternoon tea. And tea wouldn't be complete without scones and clotted cream.

Cornish Pasties

Long ago, the miners in Cornwall brought food wrapped in a pastry for their lunch while working in the mines.  Today, we know them as Cornish Pasties. They are delicious, flaky pastry filled with meat and vegetables.

Walking the path of Sacred Union...we encounter grace,

the threshold of unlimited possibilities cradled between the

sacred masculine and the divine feminine.

The Chalice Well_Glastonbury_Trista Haggerty.png

Blessing Your Journey Home at the Chalice Well

To walk the streets of Glastonbury, is to walk a sacred path with humility and reverence.  Its holy ground is the perfect place to ask for a blessing as you prepare for your journey home.

But your journey wouldn't be complete without walking the sacred corridor of Avebury, which we'll do on our very last day before heading back to our airport hotel. 

Your Initiaton

This is a journey of coming home to the heart, and the sacred union of the Divine masculine and feminine.  As you journey through sacred land, touch upon the stones encoded with star light,  immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, you'll become one with the land.  At the same time, take notice of the light of the sword, the masculine, comining into union with your womb and the sacred womb of the earth.


The Venue

Comfort awaits our return from our days out exploring the rugged coastlines -- crackling fires to take away the chill and cozy pubs with food and drink unique to the Cornwall region.

Our hotels and bed & breakfasts have been carefully selected to provide you with a home away from home and with a taste of culture and local hospitality.

Because our lodging consists of renovated country English homes and manor houses, no two rooms are alike.  They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration.(We will have our own private manor house in Glastonbury where two of the rooms are single occupancy.  The first two people to sign-up will be offered the option for a single room at no extra charge.)

What's Included...

What's Not Included...

  • Lovely & conveniently located accommodations.

  • All domestic travel within tour itinerary.

  • All breakfasts, and several dinners of traditional foods.

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites.

  • Initiation package.(as described above.)

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances out of our control.

  • Round-trip airfare from home.

  • Taxi service from hotel to airport upon your return.

  • Lunches and some dinners.

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks.

  • Gifts and other personal items.

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services.

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

Chalice Well Sign.png


Our tour officially begins on Saturday, June 1st in the evening, at our lovely airport hotel (included in tour package).  Please be sure to arrange your flight to arrive either the night before, or during the day on the 1st to London's Heathrow Airport.

We'll be staying in the same airport hotel for our last night, so please schedule your return flight leaving Heathrow on the 11th. 

If you wish to spend extra days and explore London, please let me know if you need any assistance in finding a hotel.

Fee:  $4,787.50

Sorry!  This sacred journey is full.  Please email me and I'll add you to our waiting list.

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