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A Pilgrimage to the South of France

April 4 - 13, 2025

Welcome to France!

Awaken your sacred heart through the

Alchemical Marriage of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

There are teachings hidden within the cavern of the heart - an ancient gnosis that stirs within us. Through our dreams and inner stirrings, we feel the call. And with this, the land of France... her caves, small, rural churches, gorges and glens, and her mountainside monestaries beckon us to unveil her secrets

once held sacred by Mary Magdalene and later the Cathars.


Group Size


April 4 - 13, 2025

15 people

Arrive in Toulouse. Depart from Toulouse


Discover the
Divine Feminine in the
South of France

Local legends reveal that southern France was the place that Mary Magdalene fled to after the crucifixion. From across the seas of the Mediterranean, in a small boat, Mary Magdalene landed on the shores of France. It's here where she brought her message of love as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

Today, we are standing on the threshold of a new era! And it is through the hearts of women that the golden age will be birthed. During this pilgrimage, we'll awaken our own heart's inner chamber where we carry the seed of the Magdalene-Yeshua consciousness of Sacred Union.


Follow the Path
of the Cathars

The Cathars carried forth the teachings from the Book of Love - the only known book written by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Within the caves and hermitages throughout southern France, and within the castle walls high atop the mountains, the Cathars lived their peaceful lives in devotion to walking the path of love.

But what lays within the valley hills and mountains? What lays beneath that has yet to be discovered?

Through sacred inquiry, meditation and work with sacred oils and flower essences, we will explore the depths of the Cathar tradition.

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What You'll Receive

9-Day Mystical Journey

An immersion in nature, sacred landscape and sites that have held spiritual significance through out time.

Guided Self-Inquiry

Daily questions prompting you to explore and deepen your understanding of your sacred heart.

Course Curriculum

You'll receive a booklet upon arrival that teaches about Mary Magdalene and the Cathars, and the significance of the Black Madonna. Your course curriculum will include self-inquiry prompts for daily self-reflection.

Grail Teachings

During this Sacred Journey, we'll explore the Magdalene as a living grail and how her teachings hold the keys to our own personal grail power and participation in ushering in the New Earth. Each day, you'll be guided to work with both sacred oils and flower essences.

Live Calls

I'll offer a pre-journey, live call and meditation to prepare you for the initiatory aspect of this journey, as well as an integration call

upon your return.

Private Group Portal

You'll be invited into our private Facebook group where I'll periodically share news, messages and gorgeous photos.


Unveiling the Secrets at
Rennes le Chateau

Steeped in so much mystery, Rennes le Chateau sits atop a small mountain village overlooking the rolling hills of the Occitania Region of southern France.

A small cathedral that houses symbols and paintings that tell a story unveiling the truths of long-held secrets.

We'll spend the afternoon here to wander about, enjoy the quaint shops where you can often find "hard-to-find" books and unique jewelry, and enjoy a meal at one of the village cafes.

Explore the Sacredness
of the Land

Our ancient ancestors knew of the sacredness of the land in southern France long before building castles, cathedrals and hermitages.

There is a reason as to why Mary Magdalene fled here after the crucifixion.  The narrow valleys carved through the mountains and hills, dotted with Cathar initiation caves, Celtic stone circles and sacred areas where both Faerie and Dragon can be felt.


During your time exploring nature, we'll visit such sites as Fontaine d'Amour, the Throne of Isis, 

Alet les Bains, the Rock Church, the sacred mountain of Bugarach, and caves of

Cathar initiations.


Rocamadour Pilgrimage


The final three days of our pilgrimage will bring us to the feet of the Black Madonna in Rocamadour where we'll spend time walking in the footsteps of the pilgrims that have come before us, praying for miracles and seeking wisdom.


Rocamadour, a cliff-side village just north of the Dordogne region, has been a pilgrimage site for centuries.

Legends tell us that Zaccheus of Jericho, later referred to as St. Amadour, founded a hermitage in a cave on the river Alzou during the first century.

After his death, the hermitage grew, becoming one of the most celebrated shrines in France during the Middle Ages.

Experiences of miraculous healing while in the presence of the Rocamadour Black Madonna has drawn pilgrims from far and wide.

Cultural Delights


Gifts from France

France is known for its countless markets where colorful bags and iconic Provence tablecloths adorn the market streets. Fresh produce, cheese, herbs and wines unique to each small village and region fill the markets with delightful aromas and tastes.


The French Regions

Each small village and region offers their own unique produce.  Some are known for their cheeses and others their breads. And almost every region has their own recipe for hypocras - an herbal infused wine that is soooo very tasty!


The French Way to Start Your Day

While the English enjoy their cup of tea each morning, the French begin their day with a fresh cup of brewed coffee and buttery croissants.

Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 10.24.49 AM.png

Finding Precious Oils at Castelnaudary Distillery

A small, family-run distillery in the heart of the Occitania region. You'll discover their distillery process and visit their shop, and no-doubt, find a few very precious oils to bring home with you.

The time of unveiling our deep truths is upon us.

Textured Wall

Blessing Your Journey
Home at the Feet of the
Black Madonna

A statue found within the sanctuary of Rocamadour, centuries ago, is believed by some to have been hand-carved by St. Amadour himself.

The Black Madonna of Rocamadour is known for her great blessings and miraculous healings. We'll spend our final days strolling the streets of the village carved into rock, praying and asking for blessings as we kneel at her feet.

Your Initiaton

Mary Magdalene continues to guide us deeper and deeper into her mysteries and our own feminine nature. And now, she is guiding us into the forgotten chambers of our heart to unearth the hidden gnosis of the Cathars and the lineage that precedes them. Using carefully selected sacred oils and flower essences, we'll gather each day to further explore our inner journey as we navigate the ancient landscape of southern France.


The Venue

Comfort awaits your return from our days out exploring the ancient sites in the Occitania region of southern France.

We'll spend six nights in Couiza at the historic Chateau Des Ducs De Joyeuse where you'll be met with warm hospitality and incredible food nestled in the charming countryside of France.

Our other unique home away from home awaits us for our final leg of our journey in Rocamadour - a well-known, cliff-side pilgrimage site for centuries.

Because our lodging is carefully selected for both location and unique cultural atmosphere, no two rooms are alike.  They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration.

I am offering all single rooms to further support your time for inner reflection and self-inquiry.

Your Guides

Trista Haggerty, founder & guide of Sacred Mountain Tours

I am very much looking forward to guiding you into the mysteries of the Magdalene and southern France. While staying in a central location in the Occitania region, we'll enjoy a sense of ease to our days as we venture out exploring the hidden gems of this breathtaking landscape.

Ancient initiation caves once used by the Cathar people, hermitages once inhabited by various saints and mystics, and winding roads that lead to magnificent gorges and mountain-top, medieval castles, along with colorful French markets will be a part of our daily experience.

Our mornings, before we set out for the day, you will be guided into meditation while working with sacred oils and flower essences. Both the oils and essences will greatly support and enhance your inner journey as we quest to expand our hearts to the deep gnosis held within the lands of southern France.


Michelle Nilson

Michelle will be joining me on this mystical pilgrimage to France. Our combined knowledge of sacred oils and flower essences, along with our many shared mystical experiences and relationship with Mary Magdalene, will offer pilgrims on this journey support and insight while walking the sacred lands of France.


Michelle is a nature ally, mystic, and spiritual wisdom facilitator. She has studied with the Native American elders, Celtic Wheel traditions, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, flower essences, and energy healing modalities. She has facilitated spiritual discussion groups and ceremonies for almost 30 years, and has co-facilitated tours, retreats, forest talks, and workshops to help others connect back to who they truly are at their core of their being. 


Michelle is a certified advanced flower essence practitioner, and produces her own range of flower and vibrational essences from her home in Ireland.


She will be sharing her essences during this pilgrimage to support participants align with the gnosis of Mary Magdalene, the Cathars and the mystical land of France.

What's Included...

What's Not Included...

  • Lovely & conveniently located accommodations.

  • All domestic travel within tour itinerary.

  • All breakfasts, and several dinners of traditional foods.

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites.

  • Initiation package.(as described above.)

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances out of our control.

Rocamadour_istock_Trista Haggerty.jpg
  • Round-trip airfare from home.

  • Taxi service from hotel to airport upon your return.

  • Lunches and some dinners.

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks.

  • Gifts and other personal items.

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services.

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.



Our tour officially begins on Friday, April 4th at 9:00am. Please be sure to arrange your flight to arrive at the  Toulouse Airport the day before. Recommended airport hotel info. will be posted in our private group portal.

Please schedule your return flight leaving Toulouse on  Sunday, April 13th.

Due to the nature of our unique lodging, no two rooms are alike. Rooms will be fairly assigned in order of registration.

Payment Options: (single occupancy)


An $800 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration.

$200 savings when you pay in full.

$130 savings with payment by bank transfer.

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