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Reclaiming your Ancient Priestess
in the South of France

an initiation into the earth mysteries
Wouldn't it feel amazing to release the old patterns and wounds that keep you hidden?
I know personally the pain of being hidden from the world, safe, yet watching life pass you by.
Painful, right?  Especially because you have so much to offer the world.
This Sacred Journey will free you to create your life of purpose and
 reclaim your Ancient Priestess

Your journey will begin as you cross the threshold of an old cathedral where buried beneath the sanctuary is a spiritual treasure.  


Far in the back of the stone church resides the Black Madonna who waits to welcome you into her mysteries and offers her blessing and gift of transformation as she ignites both your

passion and power.  

You feel a deep, undeniable truth as you spend time with her alone, peering into her smiling eyes as she opens the heart of your soul.  YOU are being called.

Here begins your journey of remembering your ancient self!

Imagine you're following the footpaths of the seekers and the saints that have come to the south of France over 2000 years ago, encoding the land with the hidden teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine.

You discover the ancient portals in the land that renew your spirit and open you to the earth mysteries and the inner most chambers of your soul.


Climbing the old stone steps to Puilaurens, the medieval Cathar castle, the scent of the pine forest and swirling mist summons you to the peak of the quartz crystal mountain, a place of powerful initiations. 

The landscape of France is full of mystery and magic!

As you travel deeper into the South of France and to the mysterious Rennes le Chateau, you will deepen your own personal connection with the mysteries, discovering answers to long, awaited questions as the veils of illusion begin to lift revealing a deeper truth. 


Before your journey continues into beautiful Provence, you will enter into a sacred womb ceremony in a secluded cave where you'll release the residue of past wounds and karmic debt as you surrender to the healing power of the primordial mother.

Here you will heal,  freeing

yourself with the power of the

Divine Feminine!

As you travel into beautiful Provence, feeling the sand beneath your feet and the salty mist from the Mediterranean Sea, you sense your Ancient Priestess self emerging as the Divine Feminine works her magic.

You climb the wooded trail to Sainte Baume, the omnipotent cave where Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life offering healing to countless seekers. 

Entering her cave, you feel caressed by the damp, cool air and anchored into your body by the power of the antediluvian stones.

Here, a final healing, cleansing your womb and opening to the wisdom of your Ancient Priestess self.

 The priestess returns with

passion and purpose!

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The Venue

Your journey will begin in Occitania, the area of southern France where the Cathars lived simple lives devoted to the Book of Love. 


We'll be spending five nights at the beautiful and intimate La Maison Templiere in the Aude Valley where exquisitely prepared french cuisine awaits us each evening.  A perfect location for your daily explorations in the Languedoc area with wild, natural surroundings and our very own spa!

Entering into Provence, you'll explore the beautiful, seaside town of Sainte Marie de la Mer, where unique gift shops line the village streets, seafood is plentiful and the gypsy markets sell their colorful wares.

As we venture deeper into Provence, we'll be further immersed in the French culture with fields of lavender, olive groves and charming French villages.

Our hotels have all been carefully selected to provide you with comfort, a home away from home with a taste of the French culture.

Dietary Restrictions? 

I'll make sure our hotels are aware of any food allergies and sensitivities so you'll be well taken care of!  Gluten free?  Click here!

La Maison Templiere

Your Sacred Journey Cultural Delights!

Le Jardin eatery at Rennes Le Chateau

Charming French markets can be found in almost every French village or city offering fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, and homemade breads.

Want to bring back home a taste of France?


The markets have colorful Provence table cloths, a wide range of Provence herbs and olive oil to imbue your home with the flavors of France!

Love lavender essential oil?

We'll be touring the Provence village of Sault, famous for its essential oil distillery where we'll learn how lavender essential oil is made through the process of steam distillation.

Learn the powerful healing effects of lavender and our amygdala, believed to be named after the Magdalene herself.

Strolling through their lavender shop, the aroma of lavender engages your senses as each unique gift is infused with lavender from oils, sachets, to beautiful soaps.

Enjoy a spa!
After venturing out into the Languedoc region, come back to our home away from home and relax at the La Maison Templiere's Spa where you can let your body be pampered, massaged and well-tended to.
Your skin will feel soft and sensual, your muscles relaxed and your mind at peace.
We'll be spending six nights here, beautifully situated, surrounded by nature in the heart of Cathar country.

Delectable French Cuisine

Fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, exquisitely prepared as only the French know how to do.

Your Initiation Package

This Sacred Journey to France is a powerful initiation into the earth mysteries where the Divine Feminine reveals to us the hidden truths found in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and encoded in the healing powers of the Black Madonna.  This is truly a journey of both self-discovery and the unveiling of the Divine Feminine, counterpart to the Sacred Masculine.

Prior to our journey, I will offer three calls in preparation for our initiation helping you to align with the Black Madonna as well as a number of recommended books pertaining to the life of Mary Magdalene, my Black Madonna, 4-disk audio series AND your very own, unique to your needs, Sacred Oil Blend.  While on the trip, I will combine both meditation and teachings that pertain to Mary Magdalene and the recently discovered Nag Hammadi texts as we begin to unravel the hidden truths that predate Christianity, rooted in Egyptian spirituality.

Upon our return, I will offer three integration calls and a private, one-hour individual session, helping you  to acclimate to your home environment while tending to the healing, energetic shifts, and increased frequencies you will have encountered during this sacred journey.

Anyone signed up for this journey is offered a significant discount for the School of Inner Alchemy Training that begins this fall!

What's included.......

  • Lovely and conveniently located accommodations

  • Transportation from Toulouse airport to Maison Templiere

  • Most meals of exquisite French cuisine

  • All domestic travel within France

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites

  • Spa treatment at Maison Templiere

  • Initiation Package(as described above)

What's NOT included.........

  • Round-trip airfare from home

  • A few lunches, including any wine and/or alcohol

  • Gifts and other personal items

  • Extra spa treatments

  • Tipping our Occitania guide, bus driver and hotel services

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Please check out our recommended Travel Guard Insurance



You must arrive at the Toulouse airport on April 30th.  Our bus will pick you up and transport you to our beautiful hotel, Maison TempliereThe time frame for your arrival needs to be sometime in the morning or mid-day before 2:00pm. (preferably in the morning)  We will be departing from the Marseille, France airport on May 12.  A bus will be provided to transport us from Provence to the Marseille airport.  If you would like to extend your stay at the end of your journey, please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to advise you on hotels.

Trista Haggerty - Your Sacred Journey Guide

As a young seeker, I felt the call to enter into the training of the ancient mystery school teachings.  At the time, I didn't really understand what that even meant - it was an intuitive knowing.  My training involved traveling to sacred sites and powerful landscapes for the past 25 years.

Each place I visited, I was guided through initiations, received miraculous healing, and had profound experiences that forever changed me.

My experiences revealed more of who I am each time, where I was able to tap into an ancient wisdom and cultivate my gifts of healing.


Now, I am committed to guiding others to these amazing places, to reap the  benefits as I have and to call back your ancient self.  The world needs us to return as the Light Leaders for Change.  Whether it's for your own personal transformation, your family or for your work out in the world, this quest for the self is greatly needed.

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