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September 23-October 4, 2024

Welcome to Scotland!

An astounding landscape, ancient stones, and myths and legends that stir the ancient self awake.  Scotland is by far one of the more mystical places to visit.  During this journey, we'll follow the footsteps of the ancient ones and part the veil between worlds as we sojourn to stone circles, towering sea cliffs,

heather-clad hills and otherworldly faerie mounds.


Group Size


Sept. 23 - Oct. 3, 2024

10-12 people

Arrive in Edinburgh. Depart from Edinburgh

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Unraveling the Mysteries

We begin our journey at the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel, beautifully situated in rural Midlothian.  Here, we will see ornate stonework combined with mystical symbolism revealing a thread of truth woven throughout time.


Here is a place that has held many secrets, and is the perfect place for you to begin your journey!

As you sit in this unusual,


Connect to Your Ancestors

On our way to the shores of the Wild Atlantic Way, we'll explore Da Chich Anann, also known as Paps Danu noted as one of the world's sacred mountains. The name stands for the "breasts of Anu", Ireland's mother goddess.

According to myth and legend. Anu returned the Tuatha de Danann -a tribe of spiritually gifted people, back to Ireland through a magical mist.  The mist, believed to be the loving embrace of Anu.

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What You'll Receive

10-Day Mystical Journey

An immersion in nature, sacred landscape and sites that have held spiritual significance through out time.

Guided Self-Inquiry

Daily questions prompting you to explore and deepen your understanding of your most authentic self.

Course Curriculum

You'll receive a booklet upon arrival that teaches about the Sidhe, the power of the Cailleach and the Weaver Goddess, and the legends of the Irish Kings and their Stone of Destiny.

Grail Teachings

In terms of the Grail, Ireland is the root of all.  It's a place where we deepen our roots, and nourish our soul as we connect with the great mother goddess.

Live Calls

I'll offer a pre-journey, live call and meditation to prepare you for the initiatory aspect of this journey, as well as an integration call

upon your return.

Private Facebook Group

You'll be invited into our private Facebook group where I'll periodically share news, messages and gorgeous photos.


Stirring Your Inner Cauldron

We travel deeper into the earth mysteries as we travel to the Ring of Beara, a wild and relatively unexplored area of Ireland where sea and rock meet.

Here, we'll commune with the Cailleach, Ireland's winter hag and creation goddess.

We'll reach deep into the Cailleach's cauldron as she stirs your soul awake, and the Weaver Goddess weaves our new stories, while diving deep into the old myths.

Receive in the Magic

Our journey continues through the iconic landscape of the Ring of Kerry and then on to the otherworldly landscape of the Dingle Peninsula, commonly called Corca Dhuibhne.

Its name means "seed or tribe of Duibhne", a Gaelic clan name from the Tuath of Corca Dhuibhne who once occupied the peninsula.

We'll stop to wander through Dingle -an enchanting Irish Village with colorful buildings that line the streets.

And later, we'll head north, through the unique geological landscape of the Burren where we'll visit the Cliffs of Moher.


Brodgar Stone Circle


The first time I visited Brodgar it was a dark

Cultural Delights


The Irish Knit Sweater

Traditional Irish knit sweaters are found in local shops and woolen mills all across Ireland.  And they are a treasure!  Living in the northeast US, my Irish knits are my go to sweaters for winter warmth.


Traditional Aran sweaters were born out of the seafaring communities of the Aran Isles and is the ultimate symbol of the Irish Clan Heritage.

Seaweed Baths in Connemara

Along the western shore of Ireland, you'll rejuvenate your tired muscles as you soak in warm seaweed baths, once called "the sailor's cure" by ancient mariners.

Seaweed is one of the oldest life-forms on our planet and is mineral rich.  It detoxifies, tones and cleanses the skin, leaving it so soft and fresh.

Burren Perfumery

The Burren is an unusual geological landscape with a variety of unique plants.  Nestled amongst gardens, tucked away from the rest of the world is a lovely perfumery with scents and herbal products inspired by the Burren landscape, herb gardens and a sweet cafe.

Irish Coffee & Fresh Fish Stew

Traveling through Ireland's western shores, we will be warmly greeted by the Irish in their local pubs where we'll find fresh fish and lamb stews.  Later in the evening, as we retire to the cozy underground pub in our hotel, we'll warm our toes by a crackling fire as we sip a mug of hot Irish coffee.

Walking in what is believed to be some of the oldest footprints, we are anchored to both ourselves, the land, and the ancient Mother Goddess. Here we discover the incredible joy and safety in surrendering ourselves to the mother of the land.


Time for Renewal

Your final two nights on the western shores of Ireland will be spent in lovely Galway --a bohemian city with a love of traditional music.


From here, we'll venture into the Connemara region.  Oscar Wilde described this area of Ireland as "savage beauty", and I think you'll agree as we make our way through mountainous terrain on our way to Kylemore Abbey.  After, you'll have time to soak in a hot seaweed bath - something the Connemara region is known for.

Returning to Galway from a day exploring, we'll take time to enjoy our cozy hotel, visit Irish shops and end our day with pub food, a Guinness or perhaps, a hot Irish coffee.

Entering the Womb


Your final day of our magical journey through Ireland will be spent at the megalithic sites in County Meath.  The ancient tombs where the light of the sun travels down into the womb of the earth is a place of spiritual conception.  Here, you'll be impregnated with the consciousness of light and gain both insight and inspiration for moving forward.  We'll follow in the footsteps of the Celts and the Druids as we visit Loughcrew, Newgrange and the Hill of Tara before returning to Dublin for our final night.

Newgrange_Knowth_istock_Trista Haggerty.jpg

Your Initiaton


To discover the light within the earth, is to journey into the Underworld where the Dark Goddess resides, the Cailleach.  Newer myths and religious dogma pushed the Goddess underground.  Thankfully, in Ireland, the Goddess traditions were sustained longer than any place in the world.  Etched into the ancient stones, carried by the winds of the sea, the Goddess unveils herself to you as you attune to her realm.

This initiation is a return to your ancient lineage of oral traditions that will stir your soul awake. You'll be working closely with the power of the Cailleach and the Weaver Goddess, two of the oldest forms of earth energy.  Together we'll weave new stories into our lives and into the earth for humanity's blossoming consciousness. 


Any journey into the Underworld provides powerful healing and transformation.  It is the Cailleach's cauldron, the original grail, that discards the old and provides deep healing and renewal.


While wandering the shores of The Wild Atlantic Way, we'll search for hag stones, traditionally held in high regard for Druidic ritual.  Some say, that only through the hole of the hag stone, can you see the Cailleach, the old woman of the land.

After spending our days out in the elements, we'll return to our cozy lodging, settle in by a warm fire and partake in the ancient tradition of doll-making as a way to further connect to the Cailleach. 

If you'd like to continue your work with the Cailleach and the energies of the primordial goddess after this trip, consider joining the

Women of the Wildwood, a 6-month, online course where I guide you through the darker days of the nature year. Live calls, along with

four seasonal journals, The Crone's Cauldron

containing seasonal rituals, stories and my favorite

recipes and remedies to enhance your journey.

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." --WB Yeats

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The Venue

Comfort awaits our return from our days out exploring the rugged coastlines -- crackling fires to take away the chill and cozy pubs with food and drink unique to Ireland.

Our manor homes and bed & breakfasts have been carefully selected to provide you with a home away from home and with a taste of culture and local hospitality.

Because our lodging consists of renovated manor houses and B&B's, no two rooms are alike.  They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration.

Dietary Restrictions?

I'll make sure our hotels and B&B's are aware of any food allergies and sensitivities so you'll be well taken care of.

What's Included...

What's Not Included...

Seat of the Caileach.jpg
  • Lovely & conveniently located accommodations.

  • All domestic travel within tour itinerary.

  • All breakfasts, and several dinners of traditional foods.

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites.

  • Seaweed & steam bath

  • Initiation package.(as described above.)

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances out of our control.

Poulnabrone Dolmen, Ireland.jpg
  • Round-trip airfare from home.

  • Taxi service from hotel to airport upon your return.

  • Lunches and some dinners.

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks.

  • Gifts and other personal items.

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services.

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.



Our tour begins at 9:00am on Monday, September 25th.  Our bus will pick us up at a Dublin airport hotel(TBA).  I suggest you arrive in Dublin on the 24th or earlier to give yourself some time to rest and acclimate to the time change. 


We will depart from Dublin airport on Wednesday, October 4th. 


If you'd like to spend extra days in Dublin, let me know, and I'll give you hotel information.

Fee:  $4,631.00

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