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   Iona   Mull   Skye

October 4th - October 12th, 2024

Welcome to Scotland!

Journey into the mists of time and ancient Scotland! Whether traveling through the winding roads of Skye, or through the majestic valley of Glencoe and the Highlands, you'll definitely feel you're in another world. It's in these hills, and valleys, and rocky shores where our ancient ancestors held the mysteries in high regard. As we follow their ancient path, together, we'll uncover the secrets held in the mystical lands of Scotland!


Group Size


October 4th - October 12th, 2024

10-12 people

This trip is now full!

Arrive in Edinburgh.

Depart from Edinburgh

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A Blessing for Your Journey

Our journey begins traveling through Scotland's Trossachs, a romantic area known for its sparkling lochs, crumpled hills and sleepy forests. 

After a visit to Loch Lomond, we'll continue our journey to Kilmartin where Scotland's richest and most concentrated area of pre-historic monuments are located.  It's the perfect spot to begin your sacred journey, as you climb to the top of Dunadd, stand in the footprint of Scotland's oldest Kings, and ask the goddess for her blessing.


The Ancient Ones Welcome You to the Holy Isle of Iona

Iona, Scotland's holy isle, welcomes you home. A tiny island that has been a well-visited pilgrimage site for thousands of years.

Rich in history and sacred in spirit, Iona is referred to as the "zero-point" codex where duality does not exist.  It is the place of the heart, and I'm sure she has a message for you, or healing to offer.

You'll have time to explore on your own, wander her shores, tour the abbey, and climb to her sacred well.

Meditating on hillside

What You'll Receive

8-Day Mystical Journey

An immersion in nature, sacred landscape and sites that have held spiritual significance through out time.

Guided Self-Inquiry

Daily questions prompting you to explore and deepen your understanding of your most authentic self.

Course Curriculum

You'll receive a booklet upon arrival that teaches about the ancient tribes of Scotland, along with Scotland's association with Mary Magdalene and ancient Egypt.

Grail Teachings

Scotland is a land rich in both myth and mystery that is very much apart of the Grail teachings that reach far beyond what we know as the Arthurian Legends.

Live Calls

I offer meditations to prepare you for the initiatory aspect of this journey, as well as an integration call upon your return.

Private What'sApp Group

You'll be invited into our private What'sApp group where I'll periodically share news, messages and gorgeous photos.


The Mystery Continues on Mull

A naturalist's paradise, the Isle of Mull is home to sea eagles, whales and dolphins, along with ancient ruins and sparkling beaches.

First inhabited 6000 years ago,  we'll follow the footsteps of the ancient ones as we walk among the stones of Lochbuie, a mysterious stone circle, well-preserved in a very remote area of Mull.



Slip into the Otherworld in Skye

Skye is a place with the most astounding

landscape in the world.  Magical terrain with rugged

coastline, pockets of faerie mounds and

sparkling pools of water.

Here, the Otherworld is at your fingertips.

We'll explore both history and legend of the

pre-Celtic tribes, the Sidhe and the sacred sites of Skye that are intertwined with the Yeshua lineage.

Skye_Trista Haggerty.png

The Holy Isle of Iona


Iona, the holy isle of Scotland's Inner Hebrides.  This tiny isle holds much mystery. A place where legends speak of the holy family visiting and later, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

There is also a much older legend that tell the story of an ancient group of priestesses called the

Cultural Delights

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Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 5.36.27 PM.png

Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers

A family owned weaving mill located in an idyllic, rural setting using fibers from their own sheep, and dye plants from their own garden.  Here, you'll find blankets and clothing that will surely become family heirlooms.

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Scottish Whiskey

Local brewers are plentiful in Scotland, small batches of whiskey and gin. I like to purchase small bottles of each for making herbal remedies and flower essences.

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Clotted Cream & Scones

You'll enjoy fresh, home-baked scones with a dollop of clotted cream - unique to the UK.  A delicious, rich, creamy spread that makes for a perfect afternoon snack.

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 5.44.45 PM.png

With each footstep, through the mists of time, we awaken the goddess in these ancient lands. And she, in return, stirs awake our forgotten self.


The Highlands

On our way from Skye to Edinburgh, we'll spend a night immersed in the majestic and potent energies of the Scottish Highlands.

Quiet giants, enshrouded in mist, sitting at the edge of lochs, the Highlands give you a sense

of awe, and the site of them truly takes

your breath away.

Our cozy Highland lodge will welcome us with warm fires and a hot meal after a day out exploring.

Your Initiaton

An Cailleach is a goddess of great antiquity. She is the primal life force that dwells deep in the earth, forever stirring her cauldron. While walking through the lands of Scotland, you'll feel her tug at your roots, inviting you to deepen and connect with your own primal nature.

With an Cailleach, are the dragons.  They too are assisting humanity to deepen, and to heal the ravine of separation. Looking through the eyes of the dragon, we perceive only

love and truth.


Artist: Anna Dorward, Scotland

The Venue

Comfort awaits our return from our days out exploring the rugged coastlines -- crackling fires to take away the chill and cozy pubs with food and drink unique to the regions of both the inner and outer Hebrides and to the Highlands.

Our hotels and bed & breakfasts have been carefully selected to provide you with a home away from home and with a taste of culture and local hospitality.

Because many of our lodgings are unique, no two rooms are alike. They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration.

Rosslyn Church_Haggerty.jpg

Rosslyn Chapel

On the final leg of our journey, we'll visit the infamous Rosslyn Chapel. Nestled in rural Midlothian, Rosslyn has attracted mystics, writers and historians for hundreds of years.

Its unique stone-work and mysterious symbolism that adorns every inch of the chapel, has intrigued every visitor that walks through the doors.


Rosslyn is truly an enigma, revealing truths through out time.

Rosslyn Chapel - the focal point to Dan Brown's book, The Divinci Code

Medieval Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a charming and unique medieval city with lots of history, mystery and quirky shops. Our tour ends with an overnight stay in Edinburgh, but I encourage you to stay longer if your time allows. 


I'm happy to help you extend your stay in the very heart of Edinburgh, steps away from the infamous Victoria Street and the Royal Mile.

You can choose to stay and explore the city on your own, or book a tour with my friend Kris who knows all the mystery and history of this town.

Dean Village_River Leith, Edinburgh_Trista Haggerty.jpg

Enter the Myth & Mystery of Land & Place that Stir the Soul Awake

What's Included...

What's Not Included...

Ben Navis, Fort William, Scotland_Trista Haggerty.jpg
  • Lovely & conveniently located accommodations.

  • All domestic travel within tour itinerary.

  • All breakfasts, and several dinners of traditional foods.

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites.

  • Initiation package.(as described above.)

  • A chat with a lovely Scottish Coo

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances out of our control.

Scottish Highlander_Haggerty.jpg
  • Round-trip airfare from home.

  • Taxi services between hotel and airport.

  • Lunches and some dinners.

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks.

  • Gifts and other personal items.

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services.

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.


Please note:  It is customary to collect tips from each passenger for our guide and bus driver at the end of the trip.

Reindeer, Scotland_Trista Haggerty.jpg


Our tour officially begins on Friday, October 4th at 9:00am. Please be sure to arrange your flight to arrive at the Edinburgh Airport the day before. Recommended airport hotel info. will be posted in our private group portal.

Please schedule your return flight leaving Edinburgh on the Saturday, October 12th.

If you wish to spend extra days and explore Edinburgh, please let me know if you need any assistance in booking additional nights at the hotel - Apex Grass Market.

Fee:  $4,200 payment plan available, double occupancy

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