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Sacred Journey to Mystical Scotland!
ORKNEY      &      LEWIS


Listen...Are the lands of Scotland calling you?
Whispers carried by the wind
Shrouded in mist, steeped in mystery
Highlands and lowlands, ancient pathways
Seekers and mystics following the threads woven through time
Stained glass windows revealing a hidden truth
Leading YOU back to the One Self, the Grail Heart

Your journey begins as you wander through the ocean mists of time and

explore the inner and outer Hebrides of the Scottish Isles. 


Imagine stepping off the ferry and onto the shores of Iona, the holiest of places, a place of the heart, considered to be the

custodian of the Grail.

By some, this Scottish isle is known as the Isle of Women - believed to have once been inhabited by a group of priestesses.


Legends reveal that Mother Mary, Joseph and Jesus walked the lands of Iona, and later Mary Magdalene and Jesus. 

They knew the power of this sacred isle.

Iona is a geographical point connecting heaven and earth.


Some claim Iona is the Grail point - the zero point codex where exist the Four Hallows of the Grail,





Here you'll experience the sacred union of heaven and earth, a place of oneness!


Surrounded by nature and magical places, you'll deepen your roots and be carried away by the Otherworld as you drift off to sleep, embraced by the water spirits and ancient legends of the Hebrides.  Through conversation and meditation, we'll reach deep into the legends of humanity's origin discovering our own origin story.  We'll enter the Grail Play Field with Merlin as our guide and unravel the lore of the dragon lineage.

Sailing from the Isle of Iona to Mull, you'll arrive at the isle of the naturalist's paradise.  We'll tour the island, hoping to see puffins and eagles as well as visit a very ancient stone circle and a cathedral where we'll "read" the story told in the stained glass windows.  We'll have time to stroll the harbor town of Tobermory and visit their quaint shops.


To seek the Grail is to seek the greatest self.




The next day, we'll ride up the beautiful coast of Scotland through some of the most dramatic landscapes that will take your breath away.

Crossing the bridge to Skye, you'll feel right at home as we come to the lively, intimate harbor village of Portree where you'll stay for the next few days.  A perfect place to explore the faerie glens and faerie pools, portals to the Otherworld, to commune with the ancient ones and the power of nature. 


Each day will feel complete as you return to our cozy lodging to warm your feet by a roaring fire.

Scotland is a land of mist and magic!

Eilean Donan Castle_Haggerty.jpg
Glencoe, Scotland_Haggerty.jpg

After spending three days on the mystical isle of Skye, we'll head to the Scottish Highlands where we'll spend a night in a little village not too far from Loch Ness.  We'll explore the mountainous terrain and enjoy spectacular views at one of the most beautiful times of the year.

As we leave the highlands, we'll travel through Glencoe, known world-wide for it's amazing and most photographed landscape.  We'll complete our day with an afternoon tour of the Rosslyn Chapel - a very important site where ancient symbols reveal to us her secrets.

Rosslyn Church_Haggerty.jpg

This is a sacred journey of wandering through the mists of time, activating portals, singing to earth's song lines, and awakening the dragon

within the earth and within yourself.

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The Venue

Simple lodging for the pilgrims who travel to the beautiful isles of the inner and outer Hebrides awaits us, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas. 

Imagine a day spent out in the elements with cool winds and salty mist, and returning to a cozy B&B, warming your feet by a roaring fire with good food from the local area.

Most of our lodging has been carefully selected for comfort, good food and location near sacred sites. 

Our hotels and bed & breakfasts have all been carefully selected to provide you with comfort, a home away from home with a taste of  culture and warm hospitality.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be staying at B&B's where there are no standard rooms.  They vary in shapes and sizes.  Rooms will be fairly assigned based on order of registration. 

IMPORTANT:  I am booking spaces for 9 people.  It is advisable to sign-up as early as possible to guarantee a room in our chosen B&Bs and a spot on the ferry rides to the isles, as both have limited space.  Other lodging and ferry reservations will be made for late registrants if all other rooms/seats have already been taken.

Dietary Restrictions? 

I'll make sure our hotels and B&B's are aware of any food allergies and sensitivities so you'll be well taken care of! 

Your Sacred Journey Cultural Delights!

Gardens at St. Columba Hotel, Iona

Woven Textiles

Beautiful plaid, woven blankets and fair isle sweaters are just a few of Scotland's trademark items.  Woolen mills and weavers can be found on many of the isles, including the traditional Harris Tweed.  Bring home a woven blanket that will surely be a family heirloom passed down through the generations.

Traditional plaids representing the Scottish clan heritage makes up much of the decor in Scotland.

Rural Scotland

Scotland is home to the Scottish Highlander and several breeds of sheep, including the Scottish Blackface.  They are seen roaming the hillsides and pastures kept in bounds by stone walls stretching as far as the eye can see. 

While spending much of our time on the isles, wandering through the ocean mists, we'll also be traveling through dramatic landscapes of breathless beauty, and fingers crossed, maybe even see reindeer in the highlands!

Harris Weaving_Haggerty.jpg
Scottish Highlander_Haggerty.jpg

Scottish Shortbread

Afternoon tea with buttery shortbread.


Your Initiation Package

Legends reveal to us that Scotland was the true birth place of Merlin and where the search for the grail still continues.  This age-old myth has its roots in Egypt and ancient Ireland where the grail cup originated as Kerridwyn's cauldron. 

Merlin is the magician and initiator, and keeper of the Grail.  He shows up in our lives guiding us through this ancient rite of passage so that we can cross the threshold into, what I call, the Grail Play Field.  He also calls forth our own inner king as he is the one who chooses the rightful king to lead humanity during a crucial time in history.  We must stand in our truth and take action in whatever way we are called to do so to restore the earth and her magic. 

Merlin, son of a Faerie King and mortal mother returns to our consciousness to awaken our deep connection to the wisdom of the past, our rightful heritage so that we can be active participants in creating a better world.

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What's included.......

  • Lovely and conveniently located accommodations

  • All breakfasts and several dinners of traditional Scottish foods

  • All domestic travel within Scotland, including ferries

  • Entrance fees to all visiting sites                                    

Itinerary is subject to change due to circumstances

out of our control.

Reindeer, Scotland_Trista Haggerty.jpg
Village of Luss, Scotland_Trista Haggert

What's NOT included.........

  • Round-trip airfare from home

  • Taxi service to and from hotel and Edinburgh airport

  • Lunches and some dinners

  • Wine and beer and other specialty drinks

  • Gifts and other personal items

  • Tipping our local guides, bus drivers and hotel services

  • Personal transportation services.

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Please check out our recommended Travel Guard Insurance


Sacred Journey Fee:  $4,877.00

To Register for this Magical Journey

Stroll through the charming cobblestone streets of the medieval city, Old Edinburgh.  You'll  have the option of visiting the Scotland National Museum, the Edinburgh Castle, Victoria Street - the street that inspired Harry Potter's Diagon Alley.  And of course, an optional Harry Potter tour that will reveal the places where JK Rowling got much of her inspiration.

Visit Old Edinburgh
Our final two nights will be spent in one of the more iconic locations in historical Edinburgh.

Fall, 2024

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